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Taos County is a magical place, with rich and bio-diverse wilderness lands. The Carson National Forest offers acres of widlerness recreation, along with BLM lands and designated Wilderness areas, including the Wild Rivers National Reserve. You can enjoy plush mountain terrains, high mountain meadows, peaks reaching in the upper 13,000 foot elevations, high desert mesas, over 50 miles of the renowned Rio Grande Gorge, white water, mountain lakes, sheer rock faces, and more.
We invite you to take a tour of Taos through the eyes of photographer Paula Valentine. Her lense captures the raw and ancient beauty for which Taos is known world-wide and which is revered and cherished by locals. Taos Search and Rescue calls this place home, but these are not the only lands we serve. While the vastness of The Carson National Forest keeps us busy, we do respond all over the State of New Mexico and points into Southern Colorado.