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The TSAR Mounted Unit has been active in searches all over Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. If you love horses and love exploring remote mountain and high desert scenery, consider joining us! If you don't have your own horse, we have one loaner available. If you have your own horse, consider training with us. Regular TSAR membership /application is a prerequisite. None of us or our mounts are above the continual learning process and we constantly strive to improve each other!

Both Horse and Rider must be able to SAFELY do the job required and must ride with the team regularly.
Horse Health papers are a must for interstate travel. Other requirements are naturally fulfilled throughout the weekly training process. (e.g. tack, gps, trailering, riding skills, clothing, fitness). The handler must also be tuned in with his/her ability enough to decline a mission that may prove too technical for either horse or rider.
Common situations include night riding, extended trailer rides/wait time for the horses, 4-wheeler traffic (We have even searched dump sites). Most locations , we ride and train have spectacular scenery. We truly emphasize "team" and rely on each other's knowledge.

In addition to regular TSAR training, we conduct weekly training rides as weather safely permits. (We ride in most weather). We generally ride on either Tuesday, Thursday, or both. Our training is designed to prepare both horse and rider for obstacles, adverse weather, good navigation, mounted search techniques, and stamina. In 2004, Horse teams accounted for at least 2 "finds" in New Mexico SAR. We attended the Colorado Mounted Rescue competition in 2004 and will return in 2005. We also try to vary our training grounds to include the best scenery in New Mexico!


Parade Girl PR, Arabian
Ghiradelli, Rocky Mountain/Morab
Santa Fe Fire, Arabian
Rain, Tennessee Walker
Rowdy, Tennessee Walker

Dave Griffith
Susan Nestor
Jon Wood