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Listed below are the missions to which TSAR responded for the year 2013
MISSION # 13-02-01
DATE: 1/23/13

Location: Mora

A male, possibly intoxicated went missing after rolling his vehicle near Mora. The subject spent two nights out in 10-20 degree weather to avoid the police.
TSAR responded with four members and searched the area. The subject was picked up by police at about 12:00 on the second day of the mission.
MISSION # 13-02-01
DATE: 1/24/13

Location: Taos Junction

The subject, a -- year old male , was missing for several days. His vehicle was found above Taos Junction on the mesa. Believed to be a suicide.

TSAR responded with six ground team members plus a dog team and was assisted by Santa Fe SAR and family members. The search was called off by IC at about 14:00. The subject was found dead in the search area the next day.

Location: Rowe Mesa (south of Pecos)

A search for a woman left in a stranded vehicle while her companion went for help was initiated more than 24 hours after her companion remembered she was with him. The subject was found dead on day three of the search by State Police helicopter.
Nine SAR teams and eight other search teams responded to the mission including 2 members of TSAR.
MISSION # 13-02- ??
DATE: 4/2/13-4/3/13

Location: Valle Vidal

The subject, a 22 year old male, was separated from his group while hunting for antlers. He spent two nights out in 20 degree overcast weather with light snow on the second night.
Team Response: On 4/2, two TSAR members responded to the call out. They attempted to reach incident base via Costilla and route 196 but were turned back by deep snow on the road at the pass. The next day, four team members responded to incident base at McCrystal campground. Eight other teams were in the field. The subject was found in a campground about ten miles north of incident base at about 10:00 am, cold and tired.

Location: Hyway 64 at mile marker 193 near the Brazos.

A male and female, both 15 year olds went missing on the afternoon of 4/27 while on an ATV north of Las Tablas in the Carson National Forest. TSAR responded with two members and joined three other teams in the field. The subjects were located at around 11:45 am. by a team in a snow cat. Events took a turn for the worse when the snow cat got stuck in a stream. Rescue was made by Blackhawk helicopter and snowmobil. All returned safely by 17:15.

MISSION # 13-07-05
DATE: May 19, 2013

Location: Taso ski valley road, 150

A 19 year old female disappeared from her camp site along the Rio Hondo at 6:45 am on Sunday. Her companion and two other friends began a search for her but had no success. A mission was initiated at 12:45 pm. Six TSAR team members responded. The subject was found by State Police at 3:00 pm, safe and unhurt.