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TSAR has several levels of membership:

APPLICANT - one who has applied to the team.

TRAINEE - one whose application has been accepted and has fulfilled all the Mission Ready requirements.

FULL MEMBER- one who has completed all training and passed all requirements of membership in TSAR as outlined by the Guidelines.

LIFE-TIME MEMBER- one who has served in an extraordinary capacity and has been voted by the team to this membership level.

AUXILLARY MEMBER- one who is no longer a full-time, active member, but offers an auxillary specialty to the team.
Training Specialty
NMFC = New Mexico SAR Field Certification
WAFA = Wilderness Associates First Aid
WFR = Wilderness First Responder
EMT = Emergency Medical Technician
WEMT = Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
MD = Doctor of Medicine
PARA = Paramedic
SWT = Swiftwater Technician
AVI = Avalanche Technician
TECH = Technical Ropes Rescue Specialist
K9 = Canine Handler Search Specialist
MTD = Mounted/Horse Handler Rescue Specialist
GND = Ground Search Specialist
BSE = IC/Incident Commander, OPS/Operations Officer,
LOG/ Logistics Officer, COM/Communications Officer,
IO/ Information Officer, STY/Safety Officer
HAM = Liscensed Ham Radio Operator
Michael Howard - MD, PHD

Steve Andrus - NMFC
Del Dubois - SW, NMFC
Carl Gilmore - PARA, WMA Instructor
Barry Holfelder - TECH, NMFC

Gordon Adams -, COM Tech Specialist
Steve Harris - SW Specialist
Susan Nestor - MTD, WEMT
Daniel Williams - EMT, Training
Robert Curran - K9 Support
Jerome Nickerson - K9/BSE Support


Kevin Clayton - GND
Mike Henderson - GND
Myrth Killingsworth - GND
Jason Pfeifer - NMFC, GND
Doug Palmer - IC, NMFC, HAM


Delinda VanneBrightyn, TSAR Board, President - K9, GND, NMFC
Edwin Steimling, TSAR Board, Vice President - SWT, TECH, GND, WAFA, NMFC
Carlie McGinnis, TSAR Board, Secretary/Treasurer - BSE/LOG/OPS/COM, HAM, NMFC
Petro Hul, TSAR Board, Training Officer - TECH, GND, NMFC
Richard McCracken, TSAR Board - TECH, GND, BSE/IC, HAM,NMFC
Greg Schoenberg, TSAR Board - GND, SWT, NMFC
Andi Garcia - MTD, K9, GND, NMFC
Dave Griffith - TECH, MTD, BSE/OPS, HAM, NMFC
Hannah Kligman - GND
L J Knowles - SWT, GND
Kit Keith - MD, EMT, MED, GND, HAM, NMFC
Bob Lawrence - EMT, TECH, GND, SWT, HAM, NMFC
Justin Nylund - DDS, MED, GND
Albert Ostlind - GND, TECH, WAFA, NMFC
Jamie Wells - WFR, TECH, GND, NMFC
Jon F. Wood - GND, WAFA, NMFC
TSAR MEMBERS train all year long to render the best service possible to their community.