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Once an interested person has filled out a TSAR Application, the Board of Directors will review the application and either approve or deny the applicant.

A TSAR Applicant becomes a TSAR Trainee once items* 1-5 are checked off by a Full Member. In order to become a Full Member of TSAR, each TSAR Applicant must be checked off in the below ten areas of proficiency/compliance. Base Camp applicants are not required to take the endurance section. Only TSAR Trainees and Full Members are allowed to respond to missions.

1. * Pack Check plus 1st Aid Kit - (same as NM State standard)
2. * Endurance - Hike, cross country ski, snowshoe, or horseback ride for at least 4 hours on moderate to steep terrain.
3. *Topo Map/Compass - For Map, identify the following: mountain top, ridges, ravine (and which way the water is flowing), meadow, contour intervals, elevations, UTM & Lat/Long coordinates. For Compass, be able to: take a bearing, calculate magnetic and true, know the declination for New Mexico, and walk a bearing with a compass (going to at least two points).
4.* Radio Communications - Know how to operate both field and FRS radios: power on/off, switch frequencies, and how to follow proper communication protocols.
5. *GPS Basics - Know how to turn it on, read a position, mark and recall a waypoint.
6. Team Equipment - Know & be able to locate the contents of TSAR vehicles and Shed. Set up radios.
7. Knots - Be able to tie the following knots: Figure 8, Figure 8 follow through, prusik, water knot, double overhand, and double fisherman's knots.
8. K-9 Training - You must attend a K-9 Unit training and assist the K-9 team in order to begin to understand how the K-9 resource works and to acquire the navigation & communication skills needed to properly support a K-9 team in the field.
9. General Meetings/Classroom Trainings - You must attend 4 Wednesday evening General Meeting/Classroom Trainings (third Wednesday of each month - see training schedule).
10. Field Trainings - You must attend 4 weekend Field Trainings (the weekend just after the third Wednesday - see training schedule).
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